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HENRY 2K-3 Kilowatt Linear Amp
            - Rebuild by WB2GCR

As I was saying there's a whole lot more to fix on this amp... it seems to never end!

There were no chimney's for the finals, so I decided to make my own. After a few trips to the
town recycling station I finally found the right size glass jars to use to make some at home!
So, on the left is the Mayo Jar with one in the front that has already been scored and cut.
On the left is the same one after the parts are separated. The upper left part is the new
chimney for the final tube!

The way to do this is to clean the glass, score the jar with a jig that lets you make a
line around the circumference of the jar that doesn't vary as you rotate the jar. Then,
use a bit of nichrome wire (I got mine out of a toaster at the same recycling center)
and a high current source to heat the wire. Place the wire on the score, and bring up
to temp. the glass stress cracks on the score. I had to rotate the jar to get all the way
around the jar. The second try is the one shown above. The more even the score, the
cleaner the break. The glass just comes apart, no need to tap or force it. I used my 15 amp
shop variac as the power source, and just brought it up slowly so the wire didn't get too
hot. It drew 6 amps at the right temperature.

Use some medium grit Aluminum oxide paper to smooth off the sharp edges and to
flatten any imperfections in the break. Glass is just melted sand...

Here's how it mounts into the final compartment, pretty nice! Good clearance, nice fit.

Still to come, besides the stuff already mentioned, and just noticed, are a new inside perf
cover for the top of the RF deck it's AWOL, and new lower profile plate caps. These won't actually
*fit* with the perf cover in place!!

I'm planning on firing it up with a pair of 4-400s at least to start and they might be a tad
taller than 3-500s I'm guessing. I think the new plate caps are going to be brass or copper.

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